Kehila Magazine

KEHILA is an online quarterly magazine that serves as a voice for the Jews of Color community while educating and informing the Jewish and non-Jewish community as a whole.

Kehila gives a voice to the Jew of Color community to educate and open the doors of knowledge and understanding between Jews of Color and white Jews, and between Jews and non-Jews.

“Kehila” in Hebrew means community, and this magazine is specifically for Jews of Color. We are a minority within a minority whose community is growing and requires more outlets in the Jewish and non-Jewish world to express, share, educate, discuss, debate, and voice the many opinions, topics, and issues that are important to us. I hope that this magazine will be such an outlet. While this magazine is geared toward a target audience-Jews of color-everyone is welcome to participate in the growth of this magazine! Kehila is in its infant stage and will continue to grow with the support of the JOC community and the Jewish and non-Jewish communities.
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I am a Jew of Color and there are many JOC’s in the world. I’m spreading the word with these JOC inspired t-shirts.

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Three Jewish youths wearing yarmulkes, ages 18-20, were targeted in Villeurbanne France in an anti-Semitic attack. According to local police, a gang of ten attacked the youths with hammers and pipes on shabbos afternoon in the areas of the Beis Menachem School.

The victims required medical…